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  The Hole in the Wall Hunting Club is a long establashed deer, turkey, and hog hunting club located in Clevand county of southern Arkansas. We have been hunting the same location since 1972 with some of the orginal founding members.

This is a living site we will be adding and or changing the pages as often as possible, so please keep checking back and see what's new.



Early Spring 2011


Reprinted from the Arkansas Democrat, Three River addition .

LITTLE ROCK - There are few things in life that are left unspoiled.
I can definitely list the Boundary WatersCanoe Area Wilderness as one. This patchwork quilt of lakes and rivulets along the U.S.-Canada border provides the rarest of opportunities for any outdoorsman. For it is here that you can, in fact, go days without glimpsing another soul outside your own camping party - and the wildlife.

While the Bounding Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a world away from Arkansas, our Natural State boasts some of its own relatively unspoiled areas. One such sight I have had the pleasure of experiencing is the Saline River in south-central Arkansas. The Saline, which begins as a mountain stream in the Ouachitas and ends its 204-mile journey as a Delta-type bayou that spills into the Ouachita River at Felsenthal in Union County, is the last remaining free-flowing river in the Ouachita River basin. finish this tale of the Saline River on our guest page by clicking here.

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Bucks that were caught on one of our game cams:

Game cam bucks

Fishing Lake Superior with Emily

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Testimonial from Lyle Hart

My last chance to take a deer with a gun was the late muzzleloader season (12/29-12/31) I gave Jerry a call on 12/30 and he said I was welcome to come out but I would be by myself, he had kin in town, this wasn't a problem for me. Jerry met me at camp and we went over hunting spots and operating instructions for the camp truck, heaters, locking the gates etc. I was jazzed up, I headed to the blind thet I hunted on my last trip to the club. It was a very warm afternoon and a cold front was moving through, no activity. The next morning I hunted the same stand it was very windy and I only seen 1 doe that was out about 125 yds, I didn't take the shot. I spent the rest of the afternoon checking out some of the other stands Jerry had showed me. The first spot was a ladder stand, overlooking some bottom land that was full of fresh hogs sign. The 2nd stand was a real nice metal box blind maybe 15 ft up. To my right from the stand was a food plot that looked like a green at a golf course.

That evening hunt I decided to try the blind looking out over the golf green. It also had a feeder out the opposite direction. It didn't take long and the deer started coming in to the feeder. The first deer I seen were button bucks, I was being careful I didn't want to harvest a young buck. After about a half an hour 2 came from the big food plot and they were headed for the feeder on the other side of me, so they were coming straight towards my blind. I checked out the buck he had a broken antler on one side and 2 maybe 3 pts on the other side, so I decided to take the other deer. At 35 yards I shot, the 150 grains of black powder made a heck of a noise and a lot of smoke. The deer stiffened up and fell over; within about 20 seconds it gave its last breath. Looking at the deer from the stand, it was belly up and didn't look right. When I got to the deer I seen what was wrong, it was a buck that had already shed its antlers. I thought I was shooting a big doe but instead I shot a young buck, he was maybe 2.5 or 3.5 yrs old. That is what happens when you hunt late in the year, not only do I need to watch out for button heads but also bucks in drag.

It is not over yet! I was very happy to get a deer the last day of gun season but I am not done hunting yet. I have archery tags and I hope to hunt hogs with jerry.

Thanks again to Jerry for his help and a great place to hunt, he is one heck of a guide.


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