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Hole in the Wall

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Hunting at the Hole in the Wall

Some of us have been hunting this same land for over 50years. We have a very good deer population here in southern Arkansas were we hunt over 1100acres of private and leased land; our club property consists of old hardwood bottoms and pines.

2011 Hunting Pictures





It depends on how you look at it, we are either blessed or cursed with a varying hog population. After deer season we bring in dogs to help keep down the hogs. We actively control the hogs, coyotes, fox, and other varmints this helps the survival rate of the sping turkey hatch.

Tristan, the young lady on the right, was very happy bringing her first buck back to camp.

We also practice good deer management techniques, members and guest are discourged from shooting button bucks. Also each member can only harvest one doe per year.

As a bonus we have a growing turkey population, that we do hunt but we also take every measure possible to protect this population.

Squirrels are also abundant on our lease and we enjoy hunting them at times.

We encourage members and guest to bring their families. The youth are our future; we need to pass on the legacy.













The trophies on the left were harvested on gun opener 2008.







Caught Hogs















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